VIM Dance Classes

ABOUT Virtues In Motion (VIM)

Description & Purpose:

To provide quality recreational, fitness, and competitive dance instruction for children through adults. This will be conducted in a fun, educational, and professional environment.

Mission Statement:

To provide Dance instruction within a Virtuous environment in which individuals can learn and grow. We offer training in a variety of styles to educate the well rounded, versatile dancer. VIM Dance Studio brings Energy and Enthusiasm to each dancer at every level of commitment. Our goal is to create an environment based on discipline, dedication, and good morals that dancers can incorporate into their everyday lives. We will put our…VIRTUES IN MOTION

Owner's Statement:

The Schultz Family is extremely proud to share their passion and love for dance, music, the arts, and most importantly, family recreation and interaction. As the parents of four children that share their interests in the world of dance, we invite other families that have the same virtues to join us. As one saying goes, Life is Short while another one goes, I Can’t, I Have Dance. We believe that as life is short, we should live it to the fullest and although we love dance, we still “can too!”

As parents, we want to spend quality time with our kids while they are young and growing...and before too long, they become adults. As investors with four kids, we decided to not only invest in a new business venture, but we are investing in our family and our time together as our kids grow. We created Virtues In Motion Dance Studio as an investment into our children’s lives, to enjoy spending time with them while they are young, to participate in their love of a recreational activity that will help them grow not only as athletes, but as hard working, respectful, caring individuals.

We also believe that as our children are growing and moving from grade school through high school, they should have other life and community experiences. Dance classes and a competition dance team can often consume childhood with its intense programs, lengthy hours of instruction, rehearsing, traveling, and competing. Not only does it often consume the dancer, but it can also impact all the other other members of the family. The Schultz family would like all of this to be possible while having the opportunity for flexibility in our programs to leave room for social, community, school, and family time. We hope to have dance families that take advantage of this concept and also possess the same Virtues...a love and passion for dance, gratitude, respect, hard work, determination, dedication, good morals, kindness, and family time.

We hope to have created a dance program that will suffice all the proper training for those dancers that want to move on into dance as a profession, but also one that suits the needs of families for the sake of what is best for their dancer, and their family. We will strive for the best dance instruction, while hopeful for happy families that can also enjoy their child’s recreational activity with some flexibility so they may still enjoy other events, life, community. Yes, I Have Dance, but I Still Can!"

Christy Schultz
VIM Dance Studio Owner